About us

Thank you for joining us! We believe that in the future we can build a community of people living with albinism and people who live with us and create together with us a platform that empowers our community.

We are interested in offering you basic information on albinism as a life condition, but also to share with you examples on how to overcome challenges in your life. Stories from peers, finding the right networking, communicating to peers and supporters is key. Together we can achieve more more! Therefore, we are also happy to hear from you, your daily life challenges and success stories, and connect to you!

You want to know a little bit more about us?

Jane Waithera – that’s me!

My name is Jane Waithera. I see myself as a fierce advocate, activist and role model, as a Malala of people with albinism. I’m albino, too. My story of being abandoned by my mother as a child due to the genetic disorder is very powerful, emotional and inspirational. I was born in Kenya into a “normal” African family, as a person with albinism I experienced more than my fair share of challenges. I knew I was different because of the way the society treated me; even from the stares.

Today, I run two initiatives on albinism. The first is Positive Exposure which focuses on education and advocacy through photography and art to change the narrative on persons with albinism. My second initiative is the Climb for Albinism.

“My life goals are to inspire, engage and transform the lives of people with albinism. The climb will give me and my sisters with albinism a platform to amplify our voices from Africa’s highest peak and challenge the stigma associated  with albinism. We will be speaking not just for ourselves but also for the future generations of people with albinism, so that they may be given equal opportunities, dignity and respect. I see myself opening limitless doors to people with albinism in Africa.”

Positive Exposure, Kenya

Positive Exposure – what we do

We are going to empower people living with albinism. This platform is a product from our collaboration between Positive Exposure and Making More Health.

Positive Exposure- Kenya (PE-Kenya) is a non-profit organization that exists to promote the well-being of persons with albinism (PWA) by providing an opportunity for PWA, their families and communities to celebrate diversity, challenge stigma and celebrate each individuals’ extraordinary uniqueness.

We aim to transform public perceptions on albinism and other rare diseases in Kenya through education and collaboration with communities and local advocacy groups. This platform here is one of our ways to do so.

PE-Kenya focuses its interventions on sustainable projects across three thematic program areas:

  • Socio-Economic Empowerment (SEE)
  • Albinism Awareness & Advocacy (AAA)
  • Social Protection
Jane Waithera (on the right) and Making More Health

Making More Health (MMH) is an initiative run by Boehringer Ingelheim, a huge pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Germany. This initiative is a global initiative that aims to create a healthier world for individuals, animals and their communities. By supporting social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurial thinking MMH will lead to innovative solutions and create social impact, help to find innovative business models and will also create a benefit for better leaders. You can learn more about Making More Health activities in Africa here.

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