Change how you see, see how you change!

To form our community we need you – because our community that’s you together with us!

We believe that as a community we can share more knowledge and information with all people who live with albinism, parents and teachers and all those people who are interested in supporting and sharing the right information on albinism with the world.

Please contact us and share with us events, news and thoughts. Also your story and how you have overcome challenges are interesting to all of us. You will find some stories already listed here on this page. If you have questions please let us know so that we can do some research and share back with all of you.

In our news chapter and blog page we inform regularly about ongoing activities.

Read these amazing stories:

  1. Story: Changing the perceptions of Albinism for my Son
  2. Story: Embracing diversity
  3. Story: Talk with Jane about albinism in Kenya and diversity

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