Myths and facts on albinism

The reality and what people think about albinism – it’s time to overcome myth!

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There are weird myths about PWA making them social outcasts. Cultures around the world have developed many myths and superstitions regarding PWA. Some of the common myths include:

MYTHYS: Albinism is a curse from the gods or from dead ancestors. As a result, being in contact with a person with albinism will bring bad luck, sickness or even death.

FACTS: Albinism is nothing more, or less, than a genetic condition of the human body. As such, there is nothing magical or supernatural about it. You cannot “catch” albinism – it is not a disease and it is not contagious.

MYTH: People with albinism never die. They are not human – they are ghosts and just vanish

FACTS: The on-going killings in Africa demonstrate that people with albinism definitely do die. They are NOT ghosts. Their pale skin and hair is due to a genetic condition which results in having little or no skin pigment called MELANIN.

MYTH: Having sex with a woman with albinism will cure AIDS.

FACTS: No one has ever been cured of AIDS by having sex with a woman with albinism. All what this does is spread the AIDS virus and raise the number of rape cases among women with Albinism.

MYTH: A charm or potion made from the body parts of a person with albinism, has magical powers – bringing its owner wealth, success and good luck.

FACTS: No one has ever become rich, successful or lucky from the use of body parts from a person with albinism. It comes from working hard.

MYTH: People with albinism come from and live only in Africa.

FACTS: Albinism occurs in people of every race and nationality on planet Earth.

MYTH: It’s the mother’s “fault” if a child has albinism.

FACTS: Both the mother and the father must carry the albinism gene in order for their child to have albinism.

MYTH: People with albinism are blind

FACTS: All people with albinism are visually impaired and the extents differ from person to another but are not blind. Additionally, they do not have special night vision

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